Visualisation in action: Gong Szeto

Here is a GBN interview with Gong Szeto.  Hard to describe what he really is … architect? artist? problem solver? data miner? …

Best said he seems to be brilliant at understanding complexity with blackboard and chalk. Drawing pictures and interconnections to get to grips with the complexity of the situation. In one of the 7 habits of highly effective decision makers, we said: “combat complexity with visualisation”. Well, it seems that Gong is living proof that this works.

There does not seem to be any underlying methodology, except working on the principle of “insight-decision-action” – which means understanding why is anyone looking at the situation in the first place? What do they want to do with it? Because that is what frames the image.

So have a look at the interview and then browse around his web-site a little. I cannot promise you will fully understand, but I think I can promise you will be at least fascinated .. and maybe a little inspired?

GBN interview with Gong Szeto

Gong’s web-site

Although we at Genesis would not claim to be able to do identical work as Gong, we are able to help you think through the complexity of a situation and with some advanced tools and technology. We will assist your team in making sense of the situation and identifying the key drivers and risks.
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