The 3rd Habit: Using Visualisation To Combat Complexity

The 3rd habit of highly effective decision makers:

Using Visualisation

Continuing our series on the 7 habits of highly effective decision makers, we are pleased to publish our latest slide-show “habit 3: using visualisation to combat complexity”.

In this slide-show, with the help of some StarWars characters, we demonstrate how increasing levels of complexity are making strategic decisions even more challenging. Complexity also often impacts on our ability to communicate effectively which is a crucial element in making decisions within a group; as well as in advising others about the output.

We then show how the power of visualisation can help solve this problem. It has the potential to combat complexity through simplification and visual reasoning. It is also an important tool in clarifying and enhancing communication.

A further benefit is that visualisation is an excellent catalyst for creativity – a further necessary element in strategic decision making. Creativity can dramatically improve the outcome of our decisions in a number of ways including, for instance, in the development of previously unconsidered options.

The slideshow wraps up by asking some challenging questions of the reader in considering the use of visualisation in their own organisation and how they might unlock the potential of this tool – as do the really effective decision makers.

You may download the slideshow here:

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