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Visualisation in action: Gong Szeto

Here is a GBN interview with Gong Szeto.¬† Hard to describe what he really is … architect? artist? problem solver? data miner? … Best said he seems to be brilliant at understanding complexity with blackboard and chalk. Drawing pictures and … Continue reading

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A Boardroom Fable – Making Better Decisions

A Boardroom Fable How Gail saves the company and Brad saves his reputation Taking strategic decisions in complex environments is one of the toughest, and most important jobs, of any Executive in both the public and private sectors. Taking good … Continue reading

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Sleeping on your decisions

Sleeping on your decisions An interesting blog was written by Maarten Bos and Amy Cuddy in the HBR Blog based on the story¬†that Barack Obama decided to have a nights sleep before making the decision to authorise the raid that … Continue reading

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