Global Trends and Issues: 2012 World Economic Forum

The Global Agenda Survey asks members of the Global Agenda Councils to identify and predict the most important global trends that will likely impact the world economy, society and environment in the next 12-18 months. The findings are used to draw out important and revealing inter-linkages between the perceptions and actions of business, political and academic leaders.

Extract from report

This is a survey well worth reading when considering the trends that will face both private and public sector in the near future. There are some superb interactive graphics that allow for quick drilling down into those things that are relevant to you.

WEF Global Issues: 2012

You may like to consider using this as input to your strategy review or strategic planning session – we would be delighted to facilitate such a session using this material as input together with state of the art technology that could transform that session into a memorable and important event. Contact me at to discuss this.


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