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Visualisation of data: free software

In decision making, getting and analysing the right data is critical. However, often tables and even basic charts, do not go far to assist us in understanding the patterns and relationships. Excel has come a long way over the years, but still has its limitations when it comes to charting.

Therefore, I would like to bring to your attention two incredibly useful tools for plottingTibco Bubble Chart and examining large amounts of data.

The first is Tibco Spotfire. This is an incredibly powerful and easy to use software program that can easily show 5 dimensions on one chart – and it has the ability to filter, sort, and segment with sliders and other tools. You can basically display a wide variety of “pivot table” output without even creating the pivot table (it does it for you). Tibco has a wide array of (fantastic) products and is commercially available, but there is a free one year trial cloud version available at .

The second is software that creates “sparklines” within Excel. Sparklines are miniature, high density, graphics designed by Edward Tufte (see his book in recommended reading):
“A sparkline is a small intense, simple, word-sized graphic with typographic resolution. Sparklines mean that graphics are no longer cartoonish special occasions with captions and boxes, but rather sparkline graphic can be everywhere a word or number can be: embedded in a sentence, table, headline, map, spreadsheet, graphic.”
From Edward Tufte’s book Beautiful Evidence.

Incredibly, Fabrice Rimlinger offers software to create these charts for free (but please make a donation to him) and can be downloaded from his blog at:

If anyone knows of other sources of free visualisation software, why not leave a comment at the bottom of the page and we can share more of these wonderful tools and together we can:
“Improve lives through better decisions!”

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For assistance in using these tools and in visualising your data and concepts, contact Simon Gifford at .

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2 Responses to Free data visualisation software

  1. Bill Cabiro says:

    There are quite a few visualization applications that offer a free version. My recommendation would be:
    1) Qlikview – It offers a full version – free forever – However it’s limited to only one machine and does not allow sharing files with other users.

    2) Tableau Public is free and has the same features as the desktop version. The limitations are the amount of data and security since the visualization resides in a tableau server.

    Other free versions can be found at:
    Google Charts API
    Solverlight PivotViewer
    Prelytis LiveDashBoard
    Silver Spotfire

    Regards, Bill

  2. admin says:

    Fantastic Bill – thanks, that should keep a few of us busy for a while!

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