Euro zone – will it survive the crisis?

Euro zone – will it survive the crisis?

When taking strategic decisions, it is critical to understand (as best as possible), the future in which your decision will be enacted. Anyone operating from, or interacting with, Europe, must therefore be aware of the potential future scenarios within the region. Will the euro survive? Will some member states leave (willingly or forced) the euro zone? Are more governments going to fall through their handling of the crisis?

The Economist has just published a fantastic article around this topic painting some future possible scenarios and providing a “debt crisis monitoring” tool. The article is 46 pages long, so we have put together a short summary for those who do not currently have the time to read The Economist version in-depth – and even included a few views of our own. But we would recommend that, after our summary, you do still try and go through the full version as it really is well-written and thought-out.

Below you can click through to download the summary and/or the Economist version. As always, if you would like to discuss some of the implications and potential opportunities for your organisation, contact Simon Gifford (contact details in the document).

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Genesis summary: will the euro zone survive the crisis?

Economist: will the euro zone survive the crisis?

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