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Visualisation in action: Gong Szeto

Here is a GBN interview with Gong Szeto.  Hard to describe what he really is … architect? artist? problem solver? data miner? … Best said he seems to be brilliant at understanding complexity with blackboard and chalk. Drawing pictures and … Continue reading

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Global Trends and Issues: 2012 World Economic Forum

The Global Agenda Survey asks members of the Global Agenda Councils to identify and predict the most important global trends that will likely impact the world economy, society and environment in the next 12-18 months. The findings are used to … Continue reading

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Shut up and listen!

Here is a useful article from a great blog called Rethinking Complexity, out of Saybrook University. It challenges you to put aside preconceptions and really listen – even when what you are hearing goes against your fundamental beliefs. It does … Continue reading

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Effective decision making

My alma mater, Deloitte seem to have cottoned on to the importance of strategic decision making and issued a useful article on the topic. Their premise is that the CIO and CFO in collaboration are in a good position to … Continue reading

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