Taking strategic decisions in the face of ‘unknown unknowns’.


Taking decisions in the face of great uncertainty

Below is the link to an article we have written with the purpose of assisting individuals and organisations to take better strategic decisions and create more robust strategies in the face of great uncertainty.

It has been published with the intention of offering some practical tools to help overcome the challenges posed by these uncertainties.

If you would like a more in-depth discussion, please contact me, Simon Gifford, at Genesis Management Consulting.

Genesis – Strategic decisions in the face of uncertainty

Article summary – mind-map:
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Surprise: four strategies for coping with disruptions

In this short document, Rosabeth Moss Kanter provides some good advice to organisations in preparing for unforeseen disruptions. It makes for an interesting read in preparation for our article  on “the unknown unknowns” and their impact on strategic decision making – due to be published later this week on this blog.

Does strategic planning drive your strategic decisions?

Here is a great HBR article on the gap between strategic planning and strategic decisions. It discusses how most strategic planning cycles generally do not dovetail with the need for a strategic decision in an organisation.
And if strategic planning does not drive decisions – what does it do?
A memorable quote when talking about strategic reviews in the article is captured below:

Strategy reviews often amount to little more than business tourism. The executive committee flies in for a day, sees the sights, meets the natives, and flies out.”

The article does go on to explain how some organisations overcome this difficulty – or at least partly. I would recommend it as a good read for CEO’s, CFO’s and Strategy Directors.

hbr 0106 stop planning, start making decisions