Free app for entrepreneurs and start-ups: great tips and an inspirational book


James Caan (for me the most plausible and likeable of the Dragons Den crowd) has generously offered his book “The Real Deal: My Story from Brick Lane to Dragons Den” for free in a downloadable Apple app that also includes a whole section on useful tips including cash flow, growth and raising finance.

I am finding the book really interesting and easy to listen to and,so far, would recommend it to anyone interested in success stories and some good principals to maintain when starting up a business. The additional tips in the app are good, if albeit sometimes a little basic – but perhaps that is what we need sometimes. Back to the basics.

The link to the app can be found at:

The Real Deal

I hope you enjoy the book. Look out for “The Genesis Entrepreneur Genie” soon to be launched – although probably under a different brand name.

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You may be interested in James latest book :
Start your business in 7 days I have not yet read it – but I thought the least I can do is give James a plug for his generous free app.


Entrepreneurial Spirit in Action


Here is a great story about a 9 year old boy who shows true entrepreneurship. Not only is the story inspiring, it is guaranteed to bring a smile to your lips. The video clip is 10 minutes long but trust me, it is time well spent.

Not only is it a fun video, it is also full of good lessons for entrepreneurs too. What you take out of it may depend upon your personal context, but for me some of the entrepreneurial qualities Cain displayed were:

  • Working in an area that was his true passion
  • Creative use of what is it hand if other resources not available
  • Dedication to the business – even when things go slowly
  • A keen understanding of pricing points and how to up-sell a customer
  • A focus on the experience he was creating – not the financial returns,
  • Constant innovation – but within a clear strategic direction (cardboard arcade machines)
  • An infectious enthusiasm that inspires others to help.
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