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If you have a start-up company (anywhere from inception to two years old), the Genie has a special product that could be of exceptional value to you in developing and growing your new business.

We recognise that very young businesses do not suffer from the same strategy challenges that face larger organisations. It is not about having too little flexibility, it is often about having too MUCH flexibility.

The type of strategic questions that entrepreneurs are asking themselves are:

  • Should we approach another market as well as our current focus?
  • The initial plan is not generating anticipated revenues, should we change direction?
  • Can we launch new products that are tangential to our current offer?
  • How much effort should we be putting behind brand development?
  • Are we optimising our use of social media?
  • We need further funding, what is the best way to go about it?
  • I am struggling to get everything done that I need to, should I take on a partner?

In many cases, the entrepreneur does not have anyone to talk to about these issues – or at least no one with the appropriate experience and objectivity. These critical strategic decisions do need challenge, wise input and testing.

Therefore, using the same principles and tools that underlie the Genesis Strategy Genie, we are able to offer strategic coaching to entrepreneurs. This consists of a number of meetings each  month where we are able to discuss these issues and challenge and push you to really explore the context and options and then to move forward with confidence.


Prices start from from as low as £120 per month, but timing and pricing can be built around your specific needs.

The benefits are numerous, but perhaps best encapsulated in a quote from one of our clients:

“After various iterations we contracted Simon to support me as a coach in my role as joint MD, specifically focusing on the following requirements:
• Time management and issue prioritisation
• External input and sounding board
• Strategic challenge and strategy support
• Organisational development (people) and relationships
At each point Simon’s extensive experience and insightful thinking was brought to bear to help me move forward personally and facilitate the development of a strategy with the potential to significantly impact our business over the next five years. His empathetic and warm personality combined with critical analytical skills and rich practical experience gleaned from decades of strategic interventions, combined to produce an engagement which fundamentally altered my previously inherently sceptical attitude to coaching and consulting.”
Joint Managing Director, Asset Management Company
(A telephonic conversation with this reference can be arranged).

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